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Wauhatchie Trail Race THIS Saturday!

Join in the fun running 6.7 miles in the woods....

EPetty | 01/31/2024

Wauhatchie Trail Race 6.7 Miles

Saturday, February 3rd

Chattanooga Nature Center 

The course is a hilly 6.7 miles of gravel/dirt roads and rough double track trails on the lower slopes of Lookout Mountain. The elevation change between the low point (the start/finish) and the high point of the course is 410 feet.  This race involves steep up and down on trails covered with leaves, rocks, and tree limbs.

***The Wauhatchie Trail Race is and age/sex handicapped race.*** 
Males 25-29 are considered the fastest group and start at time zero. All other groups receive a head-start. Females 80 and over start at 9:15 am and males 25-29 start at 10:15. If you want to run with a friend you may start later than your assigned time but not earlier.

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