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Looking to see how many miles you can run or walk? Then LOCOMOTION is the race for you!

Choose between 6HR/12HR/24HR Event

EPetty | 04/18/2023


6HR/12HR/24HR Event

May 6, 2023

Camp Jordan - East Ridge

Registration is HERE!  

The Locomotion is a timed run/walk on a 2.00-mile loop that is flat and is considered a highly runnable course at the Camp Jordan Recreation Area. The event is USATF certified course and can be used to break Tennessee State Records in the 6, 12, and 24-hour categories, along with the 50 and 100-mile categories.

This event is for all types of runners/walkers, whether you are a veteran or a new ultrarunner come to join us at the race village in East Ridge TN on May 6, 2023. We will provide all runners with the best aid statin food, lunch, and dinner. And for the 24-hour runners, there may even be breakfast. We will keep you fueled for the event.

To join in the festivities, All you need is to wonder how far you could cover in 6,12, or 24 hours on a flat looped course. Runners are welcome to tent camp or bring an RV the day before the race. For those who tent camp, a special code can be used for tent camping next to the Race Village. The park has built-in RV slots with electricity. Tent camping will not have electricity or water.

Don't feel like walking or running, we could always use volunteers!!!  Our races would not happen without them!

Register to volunteer HERE!

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