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50 MILES FOR 50 YEARS – A SPECIAL 2020 CTC RACE SERIES - Wednesday, January 01, 2020
Hosted By: CTC
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12:00 AM 50 MILES FOR 50 YEARS – A SPECIAL 2020 CTC RACE SERIES -na- $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Race Director: Lynda Webber (CTC 50th Anniversary  ::  
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Brief Overview

Event Details:

50 Miles for 50 Years is not a race.  It’s a SERIES of races.  A year-long adventure to celebrate the Chattanooga Track Club’s 50th Anniversary in 2020!!!


1.   You must be a CTC member.

2.   Complete a total of 50 miles (for 50 years) in CTC RACES ONLY during the year 2020.  You will be presented with a special 50th Anniversary commemorative award AND a fabulous commemorative jacket at the CTC awards banquet in January of 2021.  Embroidered on the jacket will be the CTC limited edition 50th Anniversary logo, together with the wording“50 Miles for 50 Years in 2020.” 

3.   “CTC RACES” are identified on the CTC website ( by either the “running man” icon or the letters “CTC,” or both of them together.  For purposes of this adventure, these are ALL “CTC Races” – with three exceptions: "Run the W Road" on January 1st, the Elementary Cross Country Series, and the Waterfront Triathlon.  You do NOT have to do "Run the W Road," the Elementary Cross Country Series or the Waterfront Tri for “50 Miles for 50 Years.”  If you have questions about this, please contact

4.   Choose any of the CTC races you wish, but your total distance at the end of the year 2020 must be equal to or greater than 50 miles (NOT kilometers).

5.   If there is more than one CTC race at any given CTC event – such as the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K – you do NOT have to do more than one, and you may CHOOSE the race you would like to do.

6.   All you have to do is keep track of your mileage and finish within the specified time limit for each race. The Chattanooga Track Club will be keeping track of your mileage, too! 

7.   If you can complete ALL of the CTC races in 2020 (as identified in No. 3, above), your jacket will ALSO say “CTC SOLID GOLD FINISHER.”  Please watch for 2020 CTC races to be posted as 2019 draws to a close, and be sure to check the list of races regularly for other 2020 races that are added later.  Here’s the link:

8.   Be a Facebook Friend of “CTC On The Go.”  We’ll be posting reminders in 2020 each time a qualifying race comes up.  We'll also be posting reminders on the weekly CTC e-news (sent to each member who has provided an email address).  Stay tuned for the first event, which is “The CTC 50th Anniversary 50 Minute Kickoff Race” on January 25, 2020!

9.   For more information, contact:

10. To become a member of the Chattanooga Track Club, go to

** If you'd like to be a "Friend of the CTC's 50th Anniversary," please visit



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