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Chattanooga Track Club Race Guidelines

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All Chattanooga Race Club (CTC) Race Directors should use the following information. The CTC Race Committee should approve any deviations .


Race Application- the following information should be included on all race applications:

Race Name- the name should be the same as the previous year unless changed by the CTC Race Committee. The race should be linked to the CTC website to and encourage online sign-up for the race-up and pre-race sign.

Distance(s)- The distances should remain the same as the previous year unless changed by the CTC Race Committee.

Day and Date- As determined on the race schedule.

Time of Registration- It should begin at least one hour prior to the first race.

Time of Race- This may be adjusted from previous years. Consider sunrise or sunset (daylight) time when setting race and registration times.

Location- The street address, city and state where the race will be held.

Directions- How to get to the start of the race from the freeway is best.

Course description- Information for race participants to determine how to pace themselves in the race, i.e. flat, rolling fast, PR course, rolling with 2 major hills, PR course, loop, out and back, point to point, etc. Also, for out of town runners you will want to add what the average temperature for that day of the race in the past.

Participation by walkers and/or wheelchairs- CTC races is for runners. Races will have time limits equal to the length of race (in miles) times 14 minutes, rounded to the highest whole minute, i.e. a 10K race is 6.2 miles X 14 minutes= 86.8 minutes, rounded to 87 minutes, printed 1:27 or one hour twenty-seven minutes. This rule was adopted to be fair to volunteers and those needing access to the course. You will want to get the approval of the CTC Race Committee to add walkers to the course, as you will need to extend the time to 20 minutes per mile. Due to liability reasons, all participants must begin the race at the same time. Suggest walkers participate in the fun run or walk if there will be one. If the course is suited for wheelchairs, encourage them to participate in the race.

Aid on the course and/or finish (Water Stops) -List number of water stops and approximate location on the course. For 4 miles or less in a race have at least one water stop. Over 4 miles to 10K have at least 2 water stops. For distances over 10K have at least one water stop every three miles, you will need more if the temperature is high that day!

Price per event- the cost should be comparable to similar races. It should be reasonable to encourage maximum participation, but should also be the main source of revenue to cover expenses. (If you are going to use Champion Chip timing you will need to calculate $2-3 per participant in the race fee, please consult with the CTC race committee before taking on this obligation.) If more than one event, the main race may have a higher entry fee, i.e. 10K-$14.00, Fun Run-$12.00, Kiddie K-$8.00. To encourage pre-registration a discount (usually $2.00) could be offered to registrants up to signing up one week prior to the race date and/or an additional $1.00 discount could be offered to current CTC members who pre-register (premier races only). A current membership list should be obtained from the membership committee chairperson.

Contact name and number/email address and CTC - From time to time participants have questions about the event, list the race director’s name, phone number and email address and the CTC website address.

Awards divisions- The following should be used as age divisions for awards for races. If funds are available, at least 3 awards should be offered in each age division. Only one award per runner! Overall and overall masters’ winners will not receive an age group award.

Male and Female Divisions-

14 & under; 15-19; 20-24; 25-29; 30-34; 35-39; 40-44; 45-49; 50-54; 55-59; 60-64; 65-69; and 70 & over for both male and female. (For distances longer than 10K you may delete the 14 & under and 15-19, and add 19 & under.)

A race ribbon should be given to every participant in a Kiddie K. No trophies should be offered.

Beneficiary- If the proceeds of the race go to a charitable organization list them on the entry form. (Check with the CTC Race Committee before changing any beneficiary fro the previous year.)

Sponsors- If a race has sponsors, make sure they are mentioned and thanked at the race and press releases and logos used if possible on applications and tee shirts. If unsure of sponsors, check with the CTC Vice-President of Races and Equipment. If PowerAde and/or Southern Coffee (Rob Berman), or Panera Bread is used to sponsor a race, their logo(s) should appear on the application and tee shirt. If fruit or other refreshments are donated, logos of the contributors should be used as well.

USATF certification number- Most CTC races are certified, and the number should appear on the application. If the race is not certified, information on certification can be obtained from the CTC Vice President of Races and Equipment.

Rules- The following rules and information should be included on each application and announce at the starting line:

  • If the race is over 5 miles, an adult must accompany children under 10 at all times.
  • Finish card (if computers are not being used for this race) or timing chip (not turning in a timing chip will result in charges up to $35.00) must be turned in within 10 minutes of the finish to be eligible for an award.
  • Any participant who remains on the course after the closing time (as determined in the above “participation by walkers” above will not be considered an official participant of the event and will not be eligible for an award or “Runner of the Year” points.
  • Due to insurance restrictions no bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller skate/blades, animals, or headsets will be allowed on the course.
  • There will be no refunds of entry fees (should not be announced at the start, but stated on application).
  • We reserve the right to disqualify anyone for bad sportsmanship in the course of the race or who is abusive to the volunteers.

Participant’s name, address, phone number and email address- must be printed legibly on the application.

Tee shirt size- The application should include the size of the tee shirt-S, M, L, and XL. If the event includes a Kiddie K, youth sizes may be added on the entry form. List sizes on the entry form for participant’s to check the size they need.

Birth date- A place on application for the birth date and the age of the participant on the day of the race should be included.

Event Selection- if the event has more than one distance; all should be listed with a place for the correct race to be checked by the participant.

CTC member? – This information is helpful for the membership committee. Provide a space for the participant to check yes or no on the application. Provide space for non-members to join (premier races). Check membership application for the correct dues amount for the date of your race or ask a CTC officer for this information.

Check payable to and mailing address- Checks should be payable to the Chattanooga Track Club (premier and no frills races). Note mailing address and to whom the check should be payable to clearly on the part of the form to be mailed.

Total cost- Having a place for the price paid for the race will make your job easier, including a place for a deduction for CTC members who pre-register if this being offered (premier races only).

CTC and RRCA logos- Must be on all applications. Copies of logos may be obtained from the CTC president or secretary.

Correct waiver with signature and date- The following waiver must be used on all CTC applications: this is extremely important. The type (font) used for the waiver must be large enough to be read easily and online applications will need a space for an electronic signature.

Waiver/Release: I know that running a road race is a potentially hazardous activity. I should not enter and run unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by any decision of a race official relative to my ability to safely complete the run. I assume all risks associated with running in this event including, but not limited to: falls, contact with other participants, the effects of the weather, including high heat and/or humidity, traffic and the conditions of the road, all such risks being known and appreciated by me. Having read this waver and knowing these facts and in consideration of your accepting my entry, I, for myself and anyone entitled to act on my behalf, wave and release the Chattanooga Track Club, the City of (name of the city), all sponsors, their representatives and successors, including the Road Runners Club of America, its officers, directors, agents and employees, from all claims or liabilities of any kind arising out of my participation in this event even though that liability may arise out of negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons named in this waiver. I understand that bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers, roller blades or inline skates, animals, and headsets are not allowed in the race and I will abide by this guideline.




Publicity- Call the Vice President of Communications and Programs at least 4 months prior to race to coordinate the following publicity

  • CTC “Coming Events” listing in the Jogging Around and the weekly email newsletter.
  • Also, it is good to write an article about the history of the race, the beneficiary if there is one, or the race directors or past runners of the race for the Jogging Around, the official CTC newsletter.
  • Send your race information (your name, the race name, date, place, website addresses of the Chattanooga Track Club and the race website, and phone/email address of the contact person for the race) to Runner’s World, Running Times, Running Journal, other track club newsletters events calendars, and other free publications. Also, presently Runner’s World, will provide race numbers and goodie bags if you contact them at their website ( or Bart Yasso) in advance of three or four months.
  • The Chattanooga News-Free Press (Ron Bush) will post the event in sports events calendar at no charge.
  • Send Public Service Announcements (PSA) to the local media and to the local newspaper about the race. (Contact the Vice President of Communications for more information or contacts).
  • Get camera and web site ready 8 ½ X 11 race application (Some websites are ready 6-12 months in advance), but have a paper race application for Jogging Around at least 3 months in advance, the Vice President of Communications and Programs has a deadline schedule sheet for publication.
  • Contact the Huntsville Track Club, Knoxville Track Club, Nashville Striders, Atlanta Track Club, and Franklin Track Club, etc. about posting your race in their publications and or website (ask as sometimes they charge a fee).
  • For bigger races, always use for registration. This easy and free and get free advertising!!
  • Note on CTC website as to when people can expect to see race results.
  • Send email to Chattanooga News-Free Press to post the results in the paper immediately (the same day).

Volunteers- Obtaining volunteers is the responsibility of the race director. Make sure volunteers know their responsibilities, time and place to report, position on the course, etc. Get these in line at least 6 weeks prior to the race with follow-up calls and emails a couple of days before the race.

  • Number of volunteers needed-at least 5 registration/manual tabulation, if this is a big race and you are using chip timing you may need additional staff, (the Vice President of Races and Equipment should have a contact to head up this job).
    • Two Computer Operators and two assistants, again check with the Vice President of Races and Equipment for names of qualified members who can do this. (Sharon Irish is a good contact for this-624-5873, you need to offer monetary compensation for operators, check with the VP of Races and Equipment on this amount)
    • Five to eight people should be there to work the finish line. There should be sentries for all road turns.
    • At least 3 people to call the time splits is nice, more splits for a longer race should be in place.
    • Water stops should have approximately 4 people per stop (see Aid on the Course)
    • A lead vehicle for the front-runners is nice; it can be a car, bike or motorcycle driver.
  • Family, friends, neighbors, church groups, school organizations, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts are all good volunteer sources.
  • If the race proceeds go to a charitable organization they must supply some of the volunteers.
  • Make certain that the vice president of races and equipment has sent the proper form to the Hamilton County Rescue Service at least 2 months in advance prior to the event. The fax number (include the name of race, location, maps, etc.) is 899-0286 attention Frank Pate.
  • Robert Berman with Southern Coffee Service 266-2600 will often supply PA, water for the start and coffee for many CTC events when called several weeks in advance (must give T-shirt or other volunteer memento and assign someone to help unload and reload Rob’s Truck).
  • It is nice if you can send a complete list of volunteers to “Runner of the Year” scorekeeper shortly after the race.
  • After the race send thank you notes to as many volunteers as possible and do not hesitate to send an editorial (re: the city workers helping you at the event).
  • CTC racecourses are already established and should not be changed without approval of officers and board.
  • Check with facility manager (park director, school principal, etc.) at race location for special requirements or permits needed.
  • Mark the course clearly and accurately (use straight ahead arrows at all intersections where the course does not turn and turn arrows and sentries at all intersections where turns are made, pre-measure miles with CTC measuring wheel or (Jerry McClanahan has a device on his bicycle to measure courses) a Jones Counter which is bike mounted and mark every mile with CTC mile markers on race day.
  • If race is in the city of Chattanooga, obtain cones from the city and cone course as directed on city permit as directed on the permit (call Becky Roberts at 757-5005 to make arrangements for cones, get copy of permit from CTC vice president of races and equipment)
  • If race is in the city, order several weeks ahead and have in place proper road closing and other traffic signs and barricades as indicated on race permit. (A-1 Barricades is a good source, the will deliver signs to side of road, it is up to the race director to have them set out in place before race and removed to side of road after race).
  • If race is in the city, call sergeant (Presently Sgt. Clark) in charge of traffic control at least one month in advance to make sure he/she has the correct race course and time (city will have personnel patrol intersections, they cannot be used as sentries, and they must receive volunteer T-shirt or other memento.
  • If race is not in the city, contact local police, county sheriff’s office, or others for assistance with traffic control.
  • If race is not in the city, check the course and determine what traffic signs will be needed, order several weeks in advance, and put in place race day.
  • Advise residents and other businesses on racecourse of road closures or other interference with their normal activities.
  • Course map should be displayed or available for all participants to view on race day.
  • On your website state where people can pick up awards if they don’t claim at the race. This will keep phone calls down.


Call CTC equipment coordinator several weeks before race to make arrangements for the following equipment (obtain name and number from the vice president of races and equipment)

  • Clocks and timers
  • Mile marker and arrows
  • Finish line chute
  • Tables and chairs
  • Tent(s)
  • Water coolers
  • Finish line banner holder (premier races)
  • Bullhorn
  • Air horn

Other Items to be obtained

  • Paper cups for water stops
  • Rubber/latex gloves for water stop volunteers
  • Garbage bags for water stops and finish line clean up
  • T-shirts for participants should be first quality only; T-shirt design is up to race director
  • Volunteers should receive a T-shirt or other token of appreciation
  • Awards can be trophy type or other
  • Bib numbers (with perforated stubs for premier races) must be ordered two months in advance (if you post your race with Runner’s World, presently they offer some free bibs for races), if not check with Electric City Printing (1-800-277-1290 or for bib numbers.
  • Safety pins, (4 per participant)
  • Numerical finish cards, if used
  • PowerAde and Dasani water is available from Coca-Cola for the race if you call them several weeks in advance of the race date. The contact at Coca-Cola is Brenda Flinn, her phone number is 493-0516 and her email address is You will have to pick up the beverages for the finish line.
  • You will also need to secure other food for the finish line such as bananas, cookies, etc.
  • Portable toilets will need to be secure if there are none or the facilities are inadequate at the start/finish line proximity. A good source is Port-O-Toilet 894-3232 or 894-9994.
  • Traffic cones, signs and barricades (See Course)
  • Bigger races such as the Dam Triathlon will need to have hotel reservations made. Check the Dam Triathlon website for some suggestions.
  • Cash bank for the day of registration needs to get squared away, don’t depend on this being provided.


  • If severe weather conditions are imminent for race day call local TV and Radio Stations to announce postponement of the race (this rarely happens), also contact the webmaster to put announcement of postponement on the Chattanooga Track Club website.
  • If severe weather conditions (i.e. ice on the course, lightning storm in progress, hail falling, gale force winds blowing, etc.) exist at race time-delay, postpone or cancel the race.
  • Shorten the race distance if extremely bad weather is imminent.
  • Change the race to a non-competitive event (fun run) if heat index is above 85 degrees (obtain heat index monitor and instructions for use from the equipment coordinator if high temperatures are to be expected).


Anyone who deliberately does not complete the entire course (i.e. Takes a short cut, starts out on the course or rides in or on a vehicle) will be disqualified by the race director. The offender should be told of his offense and removed from all scoring. The matter should be reported to the CTC president. Anyone who unintentionally does not complete the entire course, i.e. goes outside of cones or other designated boundaries, may be disqualified at race director’s discretion. Any disqualification or penalty may be appealed to the CTC Board of Directors in writing within seven days. This appeal will be acted upon at the following monthly meeting of the Board.



  • Some CTC races have long standing sponsors; these and/or others should be contacted several months in advance of the race.
  • Always factor into your finances and budget t-shirts for policemen, rescue squad, school patrol into your budget.
  • CTC premier races should not lose money; finances may be discussed with CTC president or vice president or faces and equipment.
  • Financial report should be completed and turned into CTC treasurer within 30 days after event if CTC treasurer does not do finances.


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