The Chattanooga Track Club

Promoting Running and Fitness in Chattanooga

Race Director's Check List

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Date of task

Who is assigned

Follow up date





Obtain permit from the City




Confirm traffic control w/City




Request services from Rescue Squad




Request coverage by newspaper




Request Rob Berman, coffee, water, PA




Request Powerade & water for finish




Request bananas & oranges




Request bagels/Panera




Request door prizes




Request parking meter bags if needed




Ask someone to emcee awards ceremony












Race info to running clubs for calendars




Info to Running Journal, Runners World etc




Design race application




Design poster, if large race




Design T-shirt




Approve application, poster & T-shirt




Application on




Design volunteer application




Print race application




Mail applications to previous years participants




Applications in Jogging Around




Distribute applications, athletic stores etc




Distribute applications to local races




Local publicity




Radio and TV PSA's
















Race numbers & safety pins








Large course map








8 portable toilets for start




Event Tech (Champion Chip), if using




Hotel Room for Event Tech, if using




Clocks, turn arrows, chutes etc




Packet bags












Enter registrations when received




Print labels for run numbers & apply




Print list for packet pick-up, if having early pick up




Enter late registrants week before




Give file to Event Tech, if using Champion Chip












Choose run orientation date, if large race




Choose packet assembly date




Volunteer information




Volunteer information in CTC newsletter




Assign volunteer positions




Develop duty sheets for volunteers




Host orientation








Packet Assembly




Packet bags




Race instructions




Safety pins (see Order above)




CTC membership applications




Other - Inserts, sponsor discounts, samples, etc.








Packet Pick-up




Tent, electricity, 8 tables, 6 chairs




Completed packets




Run numbers pre-registered and blank




Extra safety pins








Pins purchased by runners




Blank applications








Large course map & easel












Take packet inserts to race before assembly




Take Volunteer T-shirts




Pick up traffic cones




Entertainment for finish area, if providing




Radio plan, if providing




Plan for door prize drawing, if providing








Take to day of Race




Remaining T-shirts, extras may be sold




Extra safety pins




Any remaining pins purchased by runners




Cash/change for bank




Blank applications








Race Day Registration




Set up tables, chairs, banners, map, alpha signs




Instruct volunteers on registration




Instruct volunteers on Chip distribution, if using




Enter registrants into Runscore












Mark miles before race day




Cover parking meters at 5 a.m.




Set out & remove traffic cones




Set out & remove mile markers and arrows




Place & remove traffic signs




Provide garbage cans for water stop




Set up water stop




2 tables, 10 5 gal water, cups, garbage bags




Instruct water stop volunteers




Instruct & place sentries




Provide, instruct & place split timers




Set up finish area








The Race




Provide starting area instructions




Assemble runners to starting line




Give pre-race instructions & start race




Assemble 1 milers or other race runners




Give pre-run instructions & start 1 mile or other race




Time race




Collect ChampionChips, if using, or bib tags




Provide results to awards committee








Refreshments/Post Race




Pick up bagels & cream cheese at 7:00 am




Set up tables for refreshments & awards




Prepare fruit & bagels (knives, paper towels, etc)




Powerade & water




Provide garbage cans to ice drinks




Provide ice to cool drinks




Conduct awards ceremony




Drawing for door prizes




Pick up trash




Provide results to newspaper




Write thank you letters




Unclaimed awards









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