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Posted: Monday, June 12, 2017


“To Finish Is To Win”   -   American Endurance Ride Conference

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.”

– William James –

“There are no great people in this world, only great challenges which ordinary people rise to meet.”

– William Frederick Halsey, Jr. –

In 2013, the Chattanooga Track Club began noticing that several of its members had “stepped outside the box.”  They were pushing the limits and challenging themselves on different fronts by running either a very long way… or by establishing goals that took them a very long time to reach.  The CTC brought those members back into the fold   -   before they could disappear down some long, lonesome road (or trail)   -   and created the “Long Runners” division for these adventurers, who were first recognized at the CTC Banquet in January of 2013.   Long Runner accomplishments are now recognized at the annual CTC Banquet each year for those members who qualified during the prior season, and requirements for becoming a CTC Long Runner are now posted on the club website:

Once a Long Runner, always a Long Runner.

There is still plenty of time for CTC members to complete Long Runner requirements in 2017 and earn recognition at the banquet in January 2018.  This link to ultrasignup will provide any Long Runner or aspiring Long Runner with plenty of race options to complete an annual challenge, with at least 50+ ultra events in easy driving distance.  So choose one, and challenge yourself!

On January 21, 2017, fifteen CTC members were recognized for annual or lifetime Long Runner accomplishments achieved during the 2016 season, and received beautiful custom awards created by Hit Trophy, some of which are shown here.  The September issue of Jogging Around will contain bios and photos of all the new Long Runners, and you can look for the Long Runners Wall on the CTC website to be updated soon!  Check it out here:


Sergio Bianchini   -   Annual 100-Mile Award Mark Malecky   -   Annual 100-Mile Award
Ron Branam   -   Annual 50-Mile Award Stacey Malecky   -   Annual 50-Mile Award
Bill Brock   -   Annual 50-Mile Award Tommy Nichols   -   Annual 50-Mile Award
Sal Coll   -   Annual 100-Mile Award Sujeel Taj   -   Annual 50-Mile Award
IronMan Billy Collier   -   Annual 50-Mile Award Lynda Webber   -   Annual 50-Mile Award
Susan Gallo   -   Annual 50-Mile Award Richard Westbrook   -   Annual 100-Mile Award
Missi Johnson   -   Lifetime 50 States/ 50 Marathons Award

Special Recognition to

Bud Wisseman, for completing his 27th consecutive Boston Marathon in 2016

(and now his 28th Boston Marathon as of April 17, 2017)

and to

Truman Smith, for receiving the Annual 100-Mile Award in 2016 and



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