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Denton Trio Dominate Locomotion 12 Endurance Run
By John Hunt
Posted: Sunday, April 16, 2017
Denton Trio Dominate Locomotion 12 Endurance Run


The Denton trio from Newburgh, Indiana totally dominated the results in the Locomotion 12 endurance run at Camp Jordan Park Saturday.

Named the Tennessee State Ultra Championship by the Road Runners Club of America, there were actually two events where participants could see just how they could run or walk in either a 12-hour event or a shorter six-hour test.

Jared Denton, a 37-year-old who graduated from law school last fall, was the overall winner in the 12-hour group as he covered the flat two-mile loop some 33 times for a total of 66 miles in 11 hours, 28 minutes and 47 seconds.

They only counted whole laps and he was confident his lead was big enough to stop with just over 31 minutes remaining on the Chattanooga Track Club clock.

Will Koehrsen, a 20-year-old from Huntsville was runner-up as he needed 11:43:29 to cover 32 laps.

Jared’s twin brother Jason had to back down after the first 40 miles after re-injuring himself and ended up taking 15th overall by covering 50 miles in 8:44:26.

Jason’s wife Kristy was the women’s overall winner as she covered 58 miles in 11:41:10 to take eighth overall.

These three had made the four-plus hour trip from southern Indiana to do a long run as they train for a 24-hour event south of Chicago in July.

“My goal was to get at least 60 miles as the most I had done previously in a 12-hour run was 60.4,” Jared explained after calling it a day with a tad more than 31
minutes remaining in the event.

‘I had a few stomach issues, but I put everything I had into it. I know there’s still some time left, but at this point, I’ve gone as far as I’m going to go and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m a very competitive person and hate to lose at anything. Right now, I know the guy in second place still has a chance to win, but I’m okay with that idea,” he added.

Kristy ran strong the entire way as she beat runner-up Meghan Wayman of Sylacauga, Alabama by five minutes and 52 seconds as both completed 29 laps for 58 miles.

“It got hot as the day progressed and I started to have doubts about my ability, but I just managed to keep moving,” she said after her longest run ever.

“My goal was to still be running at the end. We saw quite a few hills when we got here yesterday and I was a bit nervous thinking about that, but it was beautiful course and I really enjoyed myself today,” the 31-year-old nursing home administrator who is also a physical therapist added.

Jason and his brother Jared both started running about 15 years ago in an effort to get a bit more healthy and lose some weight as both were well over 250 pounds. The plan worked as they dropped more than 100 pounds and now they enjoy doing long-distance stuff like Saturday’s run together.

“I did 50 miles today, but I re-injured my leg and decided to cut it short. I’d like to think I could have done more as I was hoping to get at least 64 miles, but heat was the biggest factor I dealt with today.

“Hopefully, since I’ve had plenty of time to rest, I’ll be rested enough to drive us home tonight,” the podiatrist expressed.

While Denton and Wayman were the top two females, Lynda Weber was third with 54 miles in 11:38:50 as she finished 13th overall.

“I’m 58 and I feel great. I just have to set a good example for the younger ones, but I did the best I could today. It was a lot cooler for this event last year. I was hoping to run at least 50 and I knew I could walk the rest of the way,” she added.

Henry Lynn, who is currently training for the Nashville marathon in two weeks, was hoping to get 26 laps or 52 miles to equal his age, but settled for 25 laps and a nice round 50 miles.

Sunday is his 53rd birthday, but he was really pleased after covering 32 miles last year


“I got a PR in the 65 Roses 5K on the same day as this race last year and was able to only go 32 miles, but my run was on the money today and I didn’t do anything extra. I just wanted a nice long run before the marathon, but it was brutally hot most of the day.

“I slowed down toward the end today in the final three laps as I knew I had plenty of time. I thought about doing one more lap to equal my age, but I’m happy with 50,” the senior health physicist for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission explained.

Terry Hampton is a retired educator from Sugar Valley, Ga. who was thrilled to cover 44 miles on Saturday.

“I ran the first 16 laps and felt pretty good, but got an upset stomach and almost bailed out. I was able to find a nice shade tree, so I laid down for about 15 minutes and felt much better after that. I walked the rest of the way, but I kept going and didn’t quit,” he explained.

There were three relay teams for the 12-hour run with the Top of the Hill group from Rock Springs, Ga. covering 37 laps or 74 miles in 11:55:48.
John Pollard, a 36-year-old runner from Locust Grove, Ga., was the six-hour winner as he covered 38 miles in 5:48:30.

Sal Coll was the defending champ who covered 66 miles a year ago, but he was like several others who had stomach issues and only went 54 miles in 11:54:21 to finish 14th overall.

The race was sponsored by the Chattanooga Track Club. The next race on the CTC schedule will take place at Chickamauga Park next Saturday with the annual running of the Chickamauga Chase 15K and 5K.

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