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Posted: Tuesday, December 13, 2016
For Immediate Release

One of the most challenging and certainly one of the most unique and popular races on the Chattanooga Track Club schedule will be held on Saturday, December 17 when the 32nd Wauhatchie Trail Run is held at the Chattanooga Nature Center, located at 400 Garden Road off Cummings Highway at Old Wauhatchie Pike.

The race, which is age and gender handicapped, is a beautiful 6.7-mile trail run on the side of Lookout Mountain.

Every age group gets some kind of head start except those those males ages 25-29 who get none.

Those women 80 and older get the biggest at 45 minutes.

The course has an elevation gain of 410 feet and includes some pretty intense climbs. There are also plenty of leaves, rocks and occasional limbs, so it can be dangerous at times.

It’s a no frills race and the registration fee of $15 shows that. Pre-registration can be done on until midnight on December 15 while race-day registration begins at 8 a.m.

It’s a recycle event, meaning that participants are urged to bring something to give away such as a running T-shirt, gloves, socks, hats or something not even related to running that you think another person might enjoy having. All items are placed on a table and the overall winner gets the first pick and on down the line.

The prestigious Golden Antlers trophy is presented to the overall winner and the team winner, which includes two members of the same family.

Participants are also urged to bring goodies to eat before and after the run, but no alcohol is allowed.

Carter Cheeseman is the defending champion after posting a time of 34:50 last year while Dean Thompson was the runner-up in 35:47.

Claire Cheeseman, Carter’s older sister, was the women’s winner as she finished 12th overall in 40:42 while older sister Alison Cheeseman was the second female after taking 14th in 40:46.

Carter and Claire Cheeseman won the team award last year with a record-breaking time of 1:15:21.


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