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Wednesday Night Groups!
By Tammy Sitton
Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2006

We'll be moving back over to Lookout Mountain for some summer running in the shade.  We meet at the back of the Ruby Falls parking lot next to the gate across the Guild Trail (also known as the pipeline trail just above Eagles Nest)Meeting at 6:00PM as usual.  I'll be driving a green Subaru Outback.

Trail Map:
By:  Jim Farmer


Chattanooga Track Club Jog/Walk Program Schedule:
We will meet this week at 6:00 PM at the Fast Break
Athletics this Wednesday!
Runners, Speedwalkers, Joggers, Slow Runners,
and Walkers are all welcome!! If you are
injured or starting your running program all over
again this would be a great place to start!!
For more information please send email to

By:  Melodie Thompson


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