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2006 R.O.Y. Competition
By James Dravland
Posted: Sunday, May 14, 2006

2006 Joe McGinness Runner of the Year Competition


The 2006 ROY competition is well underway, focusing on supporting the CTC basic running calendar events.  Note that all races listed are preliminary but can only be changed if a race is cancelled or a correction can be published through the Jogging around with more than 2 weeks notice between the delivery and the event. 

You may ask, who is Joe McGinness?  Why, he was one of our founding track club fathers.  He started this whole ROY thing as well as adding many dimensions and values of the Chattanooga Track Club that are still in place today.  Past winners of the ROY are posted for eternity on the wall in the Sports Barn Downtown.    

 As most of you know, CTC’s Runner of the Year competition is held every year in order to promote participation in our own racing events as well as to recognize CTC’s finest and most dedicated athletes.  As we go through the year, friendly competition unravels between age group competitors, and many of the contests go down to the last few races.  Winners are often decided with the details of these here, carefully considered rules.  (So pay attention now!)

 2006 is sure to provide another exciting Runner of the Year contest with a slight modification to the rules to promote even more friendly competition.   While a combination of talent and perseverance are required to win any of the categories, there is always room for those blessed with perseverance to beat, or at least place well in the standings against those with more talent but less consistent.  Unpredictable events such as injuries always play a role in the final outcome as well.  So start early and don’t count yourself out half way through the year.  Make this the year that you maximize participation in the CTC racing season!  Runners at our events also support many of the charities that our club supports, so enjoy the comrade of other runners, feel good about the causes that you support by attending, and have fun at the club’s races this year!

 Let’s get the rules on the table, because it’s the only time this year that we are going to explain them all in detail.  All members of the CTC are eligible to receive points and awards.


There are 13 races that will be eligible for ROY points this year, listed below.  The races marked with an asterisk are the only races where junior candidates can score points (For the Chickamauga Chase junior points will be given in the 5 km race only).  Points may be earned only in the following races, with the top 10 scores counting toward the final tally.  Each participant must score in at least 5 competitions, which includes volunteering for an event, except for the junior category, who must compete in 3 events.  In order to qualify for an award, you must volunteer for at least one event.  Also note that it is also possible to race and volunteer for the same event.  In the event that there are changes to the race calendar, notification will be held through the newsletter updates.  Please watch the Runner of the Year Updates for possible changes. 

·         65 Roses 5K

·         Chickamauga Chase

·         Gateway Bank 5K

·         Chattanooga Chase 5K & 8K

·         BCBS Riverbend Run 10K(Adults); 5K (Juniors)

·         Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon (Points   only to volunteers)

·         Missionary Ridge 4.7

·         FCA 5K

·         Symphony Classic 5k*

·         Race for the Cure 5k

      Joe Johnson Run for Mental Health

  •      Signal Mountain 10k
  •    Chickamauga Battlefield Mar. (only)
  •    Wauhatchie Trail Run


Age group points will be awarded in each of ten divisions:


            Junior Men (15 and younger)                   Junior Women (15 and younger)

            Adult Men (16 - 39)                                       Adult Women (16 - 39)

            Masters Men (40 - 49)                                  Masters Women (40 - 49)

            Grand Masters Men (50-59)                     Grand Masters Women (50 - 59)

            Senior Men (60 and over)                            Senior Women (60 and over)


Points may be earned in only one age division.  Runners who age past their division during the year may either continue in the younger age division or have their points for the remainder of the year count toward the new age division.  If you don’t tell us about it, the keeper of the points will decide what they think is best for you, so let us know if you switch divisions early in the year and wish to compete in the new category.   Runners who turn 16 during the year may either count the races before their birthday in the Junior Division, or have all their results during the year count in the Adult Division.  In addition, points will be calculated based on overall finishes among CTC members, across age categories, for an Overall Winner.


Points will be awarded according to finish place among CTC members in the division: 

1st - 100; 2nd - 90; 3rd - 80; 4th - 70; 5th - 60; 6th - 50; 7th - 40; 8th - 30; 9th - 20; 10th - 10. 

The top 10 finishers in each age category at the Chickamauga Marathon will receive 50 bonus points. 

 All ROY competitors must volunteer at a minimum of one CTC race in order to be included in the final year-end scoring.  A one-time bonus of 30 points will be earned for this requirement.  It is the responsibility of the competitor to inform the ROY scorekeeper of his/her volunteering. There are many jobs required before, during and after each event, and it is important that we all pitch in to help put on the events that we all enjoy.  Not only is it less of a burden on the race directors, but also helps make a better race for others in the community (which is our mission, after all, don’t you feel great?). 


Awards will be given at the annual CTC banquet.  The top male and female in the Overall Division will be recognized as the CTC Overall Runner of the Year.  The top Master’s competitor will also be recognized.  Without duplication, runners with the highest point total in each age division will be recognized as CTC Runner of the Year in that division and up to the top five (NOTE, this has been 10 in years past!!) qualifying runners will receive awards.   Congratulations to all of those who participate and make this a great contest.  If you have not received your award from last year, please let me know and we can get it to you.

 Questions, concerns, mistakes, gripes, bribes, volunteer points?  You need to contact this year’s Keeper of the Points:

James Dravland


Chattanooga Track Club • 1014 Dallas Road • Suite 101 • Chattanooga, TN 37405 • (423) 842-6265