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Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Changes for 2015 are in blue

2015 Joe McGinness
Runner of the Year & Volunteer of the Year

The Joe McGinness Runner of the Year (ROY) contest is an annual competition designed to promote running and fitness among Chattanooga Track Club (CTC) members and encourage volunteer participation in CTC events.

Eligibility Guidelines for Runner of the Year:

1. Be a current CTC member at the start of the ROY event. Points are not retroactive.

2. Compete as a runner or walker in ROY events. See CTC calendar for eligible events. The Top 13 of the 16 ROY races completed count towards the standings. There is a minimum number of five (5) races required to be eligible for ROY awards.

3. The competition is divided into 12 different categories based on age and gender:

Junior* Men/ Women

(17 and younger)


Young Adults Men/ Women

(18 - 29)

Adults Men/ Women

(30 - 39)


Master Men/ Women

(40 - 49)


Grand Masters Men/ Women

(50 - 59)


Seniors Men/ Women

(60 and over)


*Please note different races are eligible for the Junior category
          (See Below).

4. Points are awarded to the first ten ROY eligible finishers in each ROY category as follows. You must be a CTC member at the start of the race in order to collect ROY finishing points.


100 points

2nd place

90 points

3rd place

80 points

4th place

70 points

5th place

60 points

6th place

50 points

7th place

40 points

8th place

30 points

9th place

20 points

10th place

10 points

Completion of the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon will earn 100 bonus ROY points.  Completion of the Scenic City Half Marathon will earn 50 bonus ROY points.

5. Volunteer in a least two (2) CTC events. Shifts must be at least three hours in duration (or until released by the Race Director) Must be a current CTC member at the time of volunteering. Volunteer credit is not retroactive. 

6. ROY competitors cannot earn volunteer credit and ROY points at the same event, unless the volunteer credit and competitive points are earned on separate days. ROY competitors will receive thirty (30) points for each time they volunteer which may be applied to Volunteer of the Year [VOY] but will not count toward ROY points. 

7. Members may earn Participation Bonus Points of 10 points per race when participating in any Non-ROY event within 50 miles of Chattanooga. A print out of official event results must be provided to the ROY points keeper in order to be eligible. A bib number or proof of registration only will not be accepted.  The maximum number of points for Non-Roy events is fifty (50). 

8.  Awards will be given as follows:   

Overall Male & Female

Overall Male & Female Masters

Overall Male & Female Grand Masters

Overall Male & Female Sr. Grand Masters

Age Group Awards*: Top 3 Male & Female Competitors in each category.

Runners of the Year are announced at the Annual CTC Banquet,
January 2016 and will receive high quality CTC logo merchandise. 
*Overall Category are not also eligible for Age Group Awards. 

ROY Standings:
Runners can check the current ROY standings by visiting the
ROY points page.  Please note, ROY standings are updated as finishing results and volunteer information are made available.  It is the responsibility of race directors and volunteer coordinators to submit volunteer points to the ROY points keeper. 

Junior ROY Races include:     
    * Scenic City 5K
    * Chickamauga Chase 5K
    * Raccoon Mountain 5K
Chattanooga Chase 1 Mile
    * Affordable Botox Superhero 5k
    * And all other ROY Races


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