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Brenton Floyd
By Tammy Sitton
Posted: Friday, April 14, 2006

Some of you already know some of this.

December 3, 2005 Brenton P.R. at Memphis 3:44:

February 25th was his 10 year Anniversary from his 1st marathon.  ( 294 marathons and Ultras)

March 26th was his 300th marathon or Ultra.  299 was the day before the Kentucky Ultra.

April 1st he did the Darkside 8 hr run.  Brenton won it at 46.46 miles. 

2004 the Runner From Hell club Brenton was the winner with the most points. 

2005 the Runner From Hell club Brenton was the top winner again.  It is good to belong to a club that you get your points for how many miles you run. 

April the 7th 2006 Brenton turned 21.  To celebrate he attempted to do the Umstead 100 miler on the 8th of April.  YES HE COMPLETED THE 100 MILES IN 25:45:43

He did have a little help from his friends.  Jim and Jerry Sullivan knew how to take care of his problems and they saw to it that he finished. YEAH WEE!!!!!!


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