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Trail Day at Little Rock City in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee on S
By Tammy Sitton
Posted: Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Contact: Katherine Nielsen

(423) 265-0406 ext. 1113.

Rock/Creek Outfitters, Chaco, and Five Ten Partner with Climbing Community to Improve a Premier Southeastern Bouldering Field

Climbers to show appreciation for continued access to locally prized bouldering field by participating in another Trail Day at Little Rock City in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee on Saturday, April 22, 2006

Chattanooga, TN - Rock/Creek Outfitters, the brick-and-mortar shop behind all the great products on and, is sponsoring a trail day along with Chaco and Five Ten, up at one of our favorite crags, Little Rock City.  This incredible boulder field is owned by a Golf Club and the owners graciously allow us to climb on their private property in a region that is riddled with access issues.  Little Rock City is home to the annual Triple Crown Southeastern Bouldering Series.  As a way of giving back, and in an effort to ensure future access, we have periodic trail days at LRC.

Our next event is planned for April 22, 2006, at 9AM, and will last about 5 hours.

Location: Mont Lake Golf Course, Soddy-Daisy TN

On tap will be two activities for the Montlake Golf Club:

1) Parking lot landscaping (plant a few trees in the parking medians and putting in new mulch), and
2) Staining the Clubhouse deck. We'll also do some actual trail work too--there are (again) a couple of trees down over the trails and some trash to clean-up.

We are also planning to have some hotdogs, hamburgers and cokes for participants. We're not sure yet if the SCC will be covering this or if Montlake will be "cooking."


"I spoke with the landowner's wife a few weeks ago--she was very thankful for the climbing community and the work that we have done in the boulderfield and on the golf course. She, her husband and the community at Montlake have been very good to us, and I passed that fact and thanks on to her--just wanted to share that with you all. Thanks for all that you have done and continue to do for LRC and the community of Montlake." says Chad Wykle.

About Rock/Creek Outfitters and

Rock/Creek Outfitters is a specialty outdoor retailer with two decades of brick and mortar experience. We are committed to personal and professional leadership in the outdoor industry and the larger community, especially with regard to environmental initiatives. We use outdoor retail as a platform to encourage all people to get outside and become active. We know that in order to make a positive impact on the environment, we need to share our own love of the outdoors with others. For this reason, our sponsorship and environmental efforts are aimed at promoting outdoor recreation and permanently improving access to the backcountry.

For more information, please visit  or contact Katherine Nielsen at (423) 265-0406 ext. 1113.


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