The Chattanooga Track Club

Promoting Running and Fitness in Chattanooga

April 9th Board Meeting Agenda
By 6:00 PM Downtown YMCA
Posted: Thursday, April 04, 2013

CTC Mission:  The Chattanooga Track Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating interest in running and fitness for all ages and to promoting wellness through these activities.  The Club encourages anyone with similar interests to become a member and support our goals.  No special qualifications, other than an interest in running and fitness, are required.  Members can choose their own level of involvement: participant, volunteer, or sponsor.  Everyone, from serious competitor to the casual walker, is welcome.

I.       Minutes/Review   (6:00pm)

II.    Financial Reports/Review  (6:03pm)

III. Visitor Items

IV. Membership Committee Report (Jason Liggins)  (6:10pm)

a.       Update from committee

b.      Spring Social

c.       Other items

d.      Next Committee meeting – (date and location?)

V.    Race Committee Report (Mike Leary)   (6:20pm)

a.       Race Committee items

                                                  i.      Spring Races Update

b.      Race Approvals

                                                  i.      Chickamauga Chase

                                                ii.      Chattanooga Chase

c.       Waterfront Triathlon agreements

d.      Other items

e.       Next Committee Meeting date and location (??)

VI. Communications Committee Report (Sue Barlow) (6:40 pm)

a.       Update from committee

b.      JA update

c.       Board Bio’s

d.      Other items

VII.           Old Business (6:50 pm)

VIII.       New Business (6:55 pm)

                                                  i.      Staying unified

IX. President’s Report (7:10 pm)

a.       Club Manager Update

b.      Lee University Update

X.    Next Meeting – May 14, 6:00pm; Location TBD

XI. Adjournment  (7:25pm)


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