The Chattanooga Track Club

Promoting Running and Fitness in Chattanooga

March 19 Board Meeting Agenda
Posted: Friday, March 08, 2013


CTC Mission:  The Chattanooga Track Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to stimulating interest in running and fitness for all ages and to promoting wellness through these activities.  The Club encourages anyone with similar interests to become a member and support our goals.  No special qualifications, other than an interest in running and fitness, are required.  Members can choose their own level of involvement: participant, volunteer, or sponsor.  Everyone, from serious competitor to the casual walker, is welcome.

 Minutes/Review   (6:00pm)

II.    Financial Reports/Review  (6:03pm)

 New Items

 a.        Club Manager, (Executive Director)

 IV.  Membership Committee Report (Jason Liggins)  (6:30pm)

 a.        Update from committee

 b.       Spring Social

 c.        Membership Drive

 d.       New Member Welcome Packet

 e.        Strides for 1000

 f.      Next Committee meeting – (date and location?)

 V.     Race Committee Report (Mike Leary)   (6:30pm)

 a.        Race Committee items

 i.       Update on Spring Races

                                           ii.       Time Fences

 iii.       Race Growth

                                        iv.       SWAT Team

 v.       Race Equipment Update

 >b.       ->Race Approvals

 i.       Chickamauga Chase?

 c.        Other items

 d.       Next Committee Meeting date and location (??)

 VI.  Communications Committee Report (Sue Barlow) (6:50 pm)

 a.        JA update

 b.       Meet the Governing Board

 c.        Next Committee Meeting – (??)

 VII.           Old Business (7:00 pm)

 VIII.       New Business (7:03 pm)

 IX.  President’s Report (7:05 pm)

 a.       Keeping Things in perspective

 X.     Meeting – Tuesday April 9, Location TBD

 XI.  Adjournment  (7:10pm)


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