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Chattanooga Track Club Elite Sponsorship Program
Posted: Tuesday, June 12, 2012
The goal of this proposal is to establish a set of criteria for determining who gets selected as a Chattanooga Track Club (CTC) elite sponsor. It is important to note that while the Chattanooga Track Club encourages participation from runners of all abilities, they are aware that not everybody is capable of becoming a local elite runner. The goal of establishing an elite program is to support elite runners who demonstrate excellence in the Chattanooga running community, all the while, gaining media exposure for the CTC. Another goal of this program is for the elite runners to promote the CTC mission through volunteer and informational assistance to runners of lesser abilities. If you feel that you are an elite runner please read this document. It will be up to the runner to provide proof of qualification to the elite sponsorship. The qualification period for the 2013 elite sponsorship began on January 1, 2012 and will go through December 31, 2012. To submit your request email Chas Webb at


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