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2010 ROY and VOY Winners Announced
Posted: Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Runners of the Year and Volunteers of the Year announced at the Annual CTC Awards Banquet, Saturday, January 22 at the Walden.   

Guest speaker Jan Gautier entertained attendees with her running advice and basic pointers to finding joy and satisfaction in whatever you choose to do to stay healthy and active. 

2010 President Sherilyn Johnson officially passed the gavel to Bill Moran who emphasized the importance of running and fitness and how to make it fun.  He also highlighted plans for 2011 and recognized the 2011 Board Members.   Special appreciation went out to Sherilyn Johnson for her leadership and to Blaine Reese for organizing such a terrific banquet.   

2010 ROY & VOY Winners



Lynda Webber    Overall Winner

Karin Maurcere   Young Adult – 1st Place – 4th Overall

Staci Fisher          Young Adult – 2nd Place

Beth Petty           Adult – 1st Place – 5th Overall

Melissa Hale        Adult – 2nd Place

Treva Walshe      Master – 1st Place – 3rd Overall

Susan Gallo          Grandmaster – 1st Place – 2nd Overall

Jackie Gardner    Grandmaster – 2nd Place

Bonnie Wassin    Senior – 1st Place



Ryan Shrum         Overall Winner

Marco Bianchini  Young Adult – 1st Place – 4th Overall

Josh Carter           Adult – 1st Place – 2nd Overall

Sean Price            Adult – 2nd Place

Gary Petty           Adult – 3rd Place

Mark Wisdom     Master – 1st Place

Tommy Nichols   Grandmaster – 1st Place – 5th Overall

John Crawley       Grandmaster – 2nd Place

Bill Brock             Grandmaster – 3rd Place

Sergio Bianchini  Senior – 1st Place – 3rd Overall

Cyrus Rhode, Jr   Senior – 2nd Place

Butch Cooke        Senior – 3rd Place

Lee Meadows      Senior – 4th Place

Phil Thomas         Senior – 5th Place


Volunteer of the Year

Blaine Reese        Overall Winner

Steve Johnson     2nd Place

Jenni Berz            3rd Place (tie)

Bonnie Wassin    3rd Place (tie)

Walt Sinor           5th Place




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