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Run for Office!
Posted: Sunday, October 12, 2008
Calling All Members – Run for Office!

Would you like to have more of a say in the track club? Would you like to give something back to the local running community? Then why not run for a position on the track club’s board of directors?

In November the club will elect a new board of directors to serve from February 2009 to February 2010.

So what’s this election and board of directors all about? Well, the board of directors oversees the operation of the track club and helps decide what direction the track club should take in the future.

There are several different ways you can get involved with the board – either as a director or as an officer.


The board of directors is made up of twelve directors who serve for two-year terms. As members of the board, directors serve on both the board and a board committee, such as the races committee, communications committee, or membership committee. Directors help shape the policies of these committees and the board and have voting privileges on the board.

This year, there are seven director positions open for election.


The board also includes eight officers who serve for one-year terms:

  • President – The president executes a one-year plan for his or her term, sets the agenda of board meetings, appoints committees, casts tie-breaking votes, and represents the club in any affiliated organizations. To become president, a club member must first serve as Vice President/President Elect. In 2009, Charlene Simmons will serve as president.

  • Vice President / President Elect – The President Elect assumes the duties of the president in his or her absence, completes tasks as assigned by the president, and assumes the office of the president if the president is unable or unwilling to serve. After one year of service as President Elect, this individual becomes president of the track club. The President Elect is an elected position that requires a three year commitment since the President Elect eventually becomes the president and in turn the past president of the track club.

  • Vice President of Races & Equipment – The VP of Races & Equipment coordinates the activities and responsibilities the races and equipment committee. This committee oversees CTC races and CTC equipment and provides advise to non CTC race directors when requested.

  • Vice President of Communications – The VP of Communications coordinates the activities and responsibilities the communications committee. This committee is responsible for the promotion of CTC races, the updating of the CTC web site, the publication of the weekly e-news, and the publication of Jogging Around.

  •  Vice President of Membership – The VP of Membership coordinates the activities and responsibilities of the membership committee. This committee is responsible for growing and maintaining the club’s membership and for planning at least four programs a year including the election social and banquet.

  • Secretary – The secretary keeps minutes at all board meetings and offers guidance on points of order and procedure during a meeting.

  • Treasurer – The treasurer works with the club’s bookkeeper to create financial reports and is responsible for insuring that the club has spent its money wisely, has paid all of its obligations, and has collected all debts owed to the club. The treasurer also files the club’s Form 990 and helps create the club’s yearly budget.

  • Past President – After serving as president, an individual serves one final year on the board as the past president. In 2009, James Williams will serve as Past President.

This year we need to elect the Vice President / President Elect, the Vice President of Races & Equipment, the Vice President of Communications, the Vice President of Membership, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.

So Who’s Eligible to Run?

To run for office as a director or an officer you simply need to be a member of the track club and have an interest in serving the club.

To be eligible to run for the position of Vice President / President Elect you need to have served on the board, as a director or officer, for at least one year in the past three years.

Directors and officers may serve no more that five consecutive years during a seven-year period.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’d like to run for the board as a director or an officer please contact Charlene Simmons at

If you have any questions about serving on the board please feel free to contact Charlene or any of the members currently serving on the board of directors (a list of current board members is available in the front of JA).


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