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Wanted - Good size, Good shape trophies for Good cause
Posted: Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Wanted - Good size, Good shape trophies for Good cause
If the excitment of those big ol' trophies has worn off, it's time to let them bring joy to others.  Warren and Traci Behlau organize and co-sponsor a Big Brothers Big Sisters Bass tournament annually and provide trophies to all the kids every year.  The trophies are donated, rebuilt with fish figurines, replated, and presented to wide eyed kids.  The trophies take on a new life and are appreciated once again.  
In addition to receiving, trophies the kids are presented with a new rod and reel plus a tackle box full of bass catching baits.  It a great time, a great opportunity, a great sport for kids, and a great place for your old 12" and larger trophies.  Large plaques could be used as well. 

Trophies can be dropped off at Front Runner located at 4251 Hixson Pike (423-875-3642).

Thanks for your help. 


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