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2007 Runner of the Year Results
Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Joe McGinness 2007 Runner of the Year Results



Women: Lynda Webber

Male: Hugh Enicks


Junior Women

1st Place: Ashley Ringer

2nd Place: Jeneva Steffes


Junior Men

1st Place: Kenny Steffes

2nd Place: Andrew Gennett


Adult Women

1st Place: Bridgette Wisdom

2nd Place: Belinda Young

3rd Place: Charlene Simmons

4th Place: Lydia Gennett

5th Place: Beth Ford


Adult Men

1st Place: Charles Webb

2nd Place: Greg Neargarth

3rd Place: Marco Bianchini

4th Place: Daniel Uson

5th Place: Bruce Smith


Masters Women

1st Place: Bernice Delaney

2nd Place: Missi Johnnson

3rd Place: Jan Gautier

4th Place: Susan Gallo

5th Place: Sue Barlow


Masters Men

1st Place: Gregg Hansen

2nd Place: Mark Wisdom

3rd Place: Darren Lewis

4th Place: Time Ensign

5th Place: Mitch Samuelian


Grandmasters Women

1st Place: Melodie Thompson

2nd Place: Theresa Samuelisn

3rd Place: Laura Brock

4th Place: Rita Fanning


Grandmasters Men

1st Place: Jim Steffes

2nd Place: John Wikle

3rd Place: Michael Leary

4th Place: Flash Cunningham

5th Place: Bill Moran


Senior Women

1st Place: Bonnie Wassin

2nd Place: Ann Garner

3rd Place: Edwina Cohen


Senior Men

1st Place: Sergio Bianchini

2nd Place: Walter Sinor

3rd Place: Cyrus Rhode

4th Place: Phil Thomas

5th Place: Doug Hawley


If you did not attend the annual banquet but won an award please contact Sean Pfister (423-991-8500 or to claim your award.


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