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Run at Work Day Sept. 21st
Posted: Thursday, September 13, 2007

Run@Work Day September 21


The Chattanooga Track Club (CTC) has partnered with the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) to promote the 2nd Annual RRCA National Run@Work Day on Friday September 21, 2007. Through this partnership, our organizations are working to promote physical activity and healthy living within our community and around the country.


To celebrate National Run@Work Day Chattanoogans are encouraged to set aside time before work, during their lunch break, or after work to go for a walk or run.


The goal of National Run@Work Day is to raise awareness about the importance of daily physical activity for adults.  Running Clubs, company-based wellness programs, human resources departments, and individuals nationwide are encouraged to plan fun runs and walks with their employers. 


National Run@Work day events are community based events that promote and provide the opportunity for individuals to incorporate at least thirty-five minutes of exercise into their daily routine.  Incorporating exercise into one’s daily routine can markedly improve one’s overall physical health and can help alleviate health related medical costs associated with overweight and obesity.


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) estimates that 64% of US adults are either overweight (33%) or obese (31%), meaning they have an excess weight of 30 lbs or more.  For over 20 years, the CDC has been tracking obesity trends, and they have reported that the rate of overweight adults in the US has increase by 18% in those 20 years.


A recent study by the Trust for America’s Health determined that obesity is on the rise in Tennessee, a state that ranks fifth in the country for obesity among adults and fourth for obesity among children aged 10 – 17 years. The study also revealed that more the 30% of adult Tennesseans are not physically active.


The causes of overweight and obesity can be complex. However simply put overweight and obesity results from an energy imbalance.  Eating more calories and not getting enough exercise or physical activity results in the imbalance that causes overweight. 


The results of overweight and obesity can put a person at increased risks of many diseases and health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and others. 


The rise of overweight and obesity and the resulting health conditions has a dramatic effect on health insurance costs around the US.  It is estimated that overweight and obesity health related medical costs have reached an all time high of $75.8 billion per year (, a cost which is being passed onto employers and healthy employees.


To help stem the effects of overweight and obesity Chattanoogans are encouraged to incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. National Run@Work Day provides participants with the opportunity to incorporate healthy living into their work routine.


Be a part of National Run@Walk day by going for a walk or run during work on Friday September 21st. Join people from around the country by signing the pledge at to run or walk at work on September 21, 2007.


About the Chattanooga Track Club

The Chattanooga Track Club is a non-profit organization with the goal to stimulate interest in running and fitness for all ages and to promote wellness through these activities. The club encourages anyone with similar interests to become a member and support our goal. No special qualifications, other than an interest in running, walking, and fitness, are required. Members can choose their own level of involvement: participant, volunteer, or sponsor. Everyone from serious competitor to the casual walker is welcome.

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About Road Runners Club of America

The RRCA is the national association of running clubs, running events, and runners.  The mission of the RRCA is to promote long distance grassroots running as a competitive sport and healthful exercise.  The RRCA achieves their mission by promoting the common interests of its members by providing educational opportunities, programs, and services.  The organization’s membership consists of over 775 running clubs and events and comprising over 175,000 members in the US. For information about the RRCA, visit



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