The Chattanooga Track Club

Promoting Running and Fitness in Chattanooga

Directors and Staff

2018 Officers and Board take office effective January 14, 2018.
2019 Officers and Board take office effective January 19, 2019.


2018 President:  Jenni Berz     
2019 President:  Jennifer Heinzel        

2018 President Elect:  Jennifer Heinzel
2019 President Elect:  Jason Liggins

2018 Vice President of Communications:  Beth Petty
2019 Vice President of Communications: Gail Meeker

2018 Vice President of Membership:  Mandee Keith 
2019 Vice President of Membership: Mandee Keith

2018 Vice President of Races:   Bill Brock
2019 Vice President of Races:   Bill Brock

2018 Secretary:  Jason Liggins
2019 Secretary:  Jane Webb

2018 Treasurer: Dick Miller
2019 Treasurer: Dick Miller

2018 Past President:  Jane Webb
2019 Past President:  Jenni Berz


Board of Directors:

2018 1-Year Directors:

Joe Klein, Sergio Bianchini, Larry Aulich, Lisa Logan, Lynda Webber, Sujeel Taj 

2018 2-Year Directors:

Matt O'Neill, Connie Roberts, Gail Meeker, Ron Branam, Scott Hamby, Sarah Barnes

2019 1-Year Directors:
Briane Stambaugh, Michael Brooks, Michelle Sledge, Connie Roberts, Matt O'Neill, Amy Smith

2019 2-Year Directors: 
Tony Grossi, Katie Outlaw, Jennifer Regan, Latisha Simmons, Caleb Stambaugh, Lynda Webber



Club Manager:   Stacey H. Malecky


Design and Layout for Jogging Around: Stephanie Adams


Equipment Manager: Paul Wells


Timing Manager: Trey Stanford


Chattanooga Track Club • PO Box 11241 • Chattanooga, TN 37401 • 423.842.6265