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Gilpin Wins Market Street Mile With Record-Breaking Time
By John Hunt
Posted: Sunday, April 28, 2019
Gilpin Wins Market Street Mile With Record-Breaking Time
By John Hunt

John Gilpin didn’t come anywhere close to matching his own personal best time, but he was fast enough to be the quickest of the day on Saturday for the annual Market Street Mile in downtown Chattanooga and he broke a state record in the process.

Gilpin, the 27-year-old physical therapist who was a standout for the Chattanooga Mocs, won the Chickamauga Chase 15K earlier in the month. And now he has the fastest time of the year in Chattanooga for a road mile after posting a time of 4:30.29.

His time broke a state record by 6.31 seconds.

Kevin Huwe was the runner-up in 4:40:08 while Rodney Stoker was third overall in 4:47.95, which was significantly faster than the old mark for 43-year-old males of 4:55.40.

Kristen Bonsor, who was the 5K winner at the Chickamauga Chase, posted the fastest mile time for females as she covered the flat and fast course in 5:50.83, which was 26th overall.

Meredith Zinke and Estella Clemons were next with times of 5:57.53 and 6:00.04, which were 30th and 32nd overall, respectively.

Gilpin will log about 50 miles this week, but Saturday’s mile was definitely his fastest in recent days.

“I figured if I could get around 4:25 or 4:28, that would be good,” he said shortly after covering the distance and pausing to catch his breath.

“I just wanted to get out fast and see what happened. I could definitely hear footsteps behind me, but I never turned around to see who it was. But I had a good run today,” he said.

Huwe is a 32-year-old engineer for McKee who broke his 5K track PR a few weeks back at Vanderbilt with a time of 15:25. He was just a tad bit faster than that on Saturday.

“I felt pretty good for the first 400 meters and tried to keep that pace, but I had no more gears left in that last 400. That was the fastest I’ve run all year. I was with John for the first 100 meters or so, but just tried to concentrate on my race after that,” Huwe nodded.

Bonsor is a 25-year-old Director of Recreation and Events at the Terrace of Mountain Creek assisted living facility. She ran significantly faster than the goal she had in mind.

“The weather was perfect and my goal was to break six minutes,” she said shortly after completing the distance.

“It was fun going out with the guys in this race. I maintained a pretty good pace for the first half, but we were on our own after that. I just concentrated on counting the streets on the way back, but a race like this will definitely help my 5K times,” Bonsor smiled.

Grady Outlaw posted a time of 5:16.83 to win the race for those ages 10-19. He had to pass Brandon Humphrys in the final stretch to do it.

“I think I tied my PR. I just wanted to come out and run this morning as I really wasn’t expecting to win,” the 13-year-old Normal Park student expressed.

Humphrys is a 19-year-old freshman at UTC who is majoring in mechanical engineering. He’s more of a distance guy who prefers longer and slower races, but he also proved he can do just fine in shorter events.

“It was okay, but I’m a longer distance guy and just not used to running that fast,” he began.

“I’m in the middle of finals and wasn’t really that concerned with today’s race, but I was hoping to get as close to five as possible. He’s a track guy and used to doing speedwork, but I’m not,” he said in reference to Outlaw and the fact he got passed in the final block of the race.

There were also events for wheelchairs and hand cyclists.

Drew Forsey, a 28-year-old film maker from Collegedale, had the fastest time of the day as he covered the distance in 3:11, which is just a tad slower than 20 miles per hour. He’s a 2014 graduate of Southern Adventist University and that was a year when several key events took place that ultimately changed his life.

He graduated from college, got engaged before having a horrible bike wreck a few days later. Doctors said that he would never walk again after suffering a major brain injury, but he spent significant time at the Shepherd Spinal Center in Atlanta and he’s been coming back ever since.

“This kind of bike has allowed me to get back involved in the sport somewhat and I really enjoy being outside. I was hoping to be under three minutes today, but I lost some time on the turn as my shifting was a little bit off. I’ve never done a flat mile race like this, but I enjoyed it and hope to do it again next year,” he said.

A total of five state records were broken on Saturday. 

In addition to Gilpin and Stoker, Cameron Hardy broke the mark for nine-year-old males with his time of 5:55.54 while Quentin Smith did the same for eight-year-old guys with his time of 6:15.11. And nobody should be surprised that Sergio Bianchini broke another record.

This amazing 78-year-old guy had a time of 7:34.05, but that was fast enough to break the old mark of 7:38.0. He now has nine state records for various ages.

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